GW181122, 2022

In recent years we can see growing interest in creation of artworks inspired by science and research. Technological advances enabled closer entanglement of such practices and new emerging forms of art. This piece is inspired by one of the most intriguing phenomenons in space - gravitational waves. Einstein has predicted their existence over 100 years ago and only few years back societys most sensitive sensors have confirmed their existence. For such detection highly sensitive sensors such as LIGO and VIRGO are used, harnessing the power of laser beam interference waiting for the ripples in curvature of spacetime to emerge.

This laser sculputre metaphorically transfers these endeavors creating a sensual experience bringing the macrocosmos closer to our scale. 40 laser beams pointed to a reflective fabric symbolise the use of light and reflections in these experiments. On the other side of lasers a 2m ring is suspended made of reflectiv fabric, that is dynamicly transformed to create physical ripples in spacetime reflecting the laserbeams and creating light streaks on the surrounding buildings resembling distant galaxies. Laserbeams themselves are configured in such way, that they create a visual physical object horizontally trailing above the spectators head openning the question of "physical" objects created only with light.